Prof. Zhiping Zheng visit BIT

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Dr. Zhiping Zheng received his education at Peking University (BS’87 and MS’90) and University of California, Los Angeles (PhD’95 with Professor M. Frederick Hawthorne). After two years of postdoctoral research with Professor Richard H. Holm at Harvard University, he started his independent career at University of Arizona in 1997, moving up through the ranks (Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor) and serving as Associate Head for Research and Faculty Affairs (2014-2017). He moved his research program to Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) in 2017 and is presently Chair Professor and Chair of Department of Chemistry.  His research is primarily concerned with the synthetic and materials chemistry of both transition metal and rare earth elements, with particular interest in the design and preparation of materials for lighting and cooling applications, and for catalysis with significant energy and environmental ramifications.  He received a number of prestigious awards, including CAREER Award from the US National Science Foundation and the International Junior Research Award from European Rare Earth and Actinide Society.  He was elected as Fellow of Royal Chemical Society (UK) in 2016.