Our review paper is published on Mater. Chem. Front.

分类:News 作者: 发布时间:2023-10-25

The photocatalytic oxygen reduction reaction to hydrogen peroxide is an environmentally friendly and sustainable method, yet the efficient production of hydrogen peroxide tremendously depends on the light absorption and electron transfer properties of semiconductor photocatalysts. Metal–organic frameworks possess fascinating merits such as large surface area, excellent chemical stability, and tunable chemical components, which make them promising candidates for hydrogen peroxide production in various photocatalytic systems. The present review not only comprehensively elucidates the production process of hydrogen peroxide, encompassing the photocatalytic mechanism, detection method of the product, and performance evaluation, but also categorizes and summarizes the modification strategy of metal–organic frameworks in the realm of photocatalytic hydrogen peroxide production based on recent progress. Additionally, accurate fabrication strategies are given in detail to meet the development trends of metal–organic framework photocatalysts, incorporating the challenges faced.