Our Angew article is published !

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Pyroelectric materials hold significant potential for energy harvesting, sensing, and imaging applications. However, achieving high-performance pyroelectricity across a wide temperature range near room temperature remains a significant challenge. Herein, we demonstrate a single crystal of Fe(II) spin-crossover compound shows remarkable pyroelectric properties accompanied by a thermally controlled spin transition. In this material, the uniaxial alignment of polar molecules results in a polarization of the lattice. As the molecular geometry is modulated during a gradual spin transition, the polar axis experiences a colossal thermal expansion with a coefficient of 796 × 10−6 K−1. Consequently, the material’s polarization undergoes significant modulation as a secondary pyroelectric effect. The considerable shift in polarization (pyroelectric coefficient, p = 3.7~22 nC K−1cm−2), coupled with a low dielectric constant (ε' = 4.4~5.4) over a remarkably wide temperature range of 298~400 K, suggests this material is a high-performance pyroelectric. The demonstration of pyroelectricity combined with magnetic switching in this study will inspire further investigations in the field of molecular electronics and magnetism.